Institutional Clients

Institutional clients

We provide comprehensive administration and investment management services to institutions, including non-profits, foundations and government entities. We offer a solutions-oriented approach to funding issues, assist with comprehensive investment management plans and provide consulting services for planned giving programs.

Investment policy development   AAA-Institutional-Clients-C.jpg

We work with the nonprofit's directors, trustees, and investment committee to develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that meets the needs of the organization. We take into consideration both the short-term operational needs and long-term financial goals of the nonprofit, as well as liquidity needs, risk tolerance, and other unique characteristics of the nonprofit and those it serves. The IPS serves as the framework under which we manage the organization's assets.

Asset allocation and portfolio management

We construct customized diversified investment portfolios which strive to balance expected returns, risk, diversification, and overall portfolio expenses.


Due diligence reporting

We provide ongoing due diligence and performance reporting. We meet regularly with the organization's investment committee and board to ensure that the investment policy, asset allocation and strategies are achieving the targeted risk-adjusted returns while appropriately managing risk and liquidity requirements.


Cash flow planning

We provide ongoing cash flow planning to allow the investment committee, directors, and/or trustees to see forward-looking illustrations of asset accumulation and depletion scenarios based on various forward rates of return and cash withdrawal expectations.